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We, the moderators of this community, are deeply dismayed over the present state of the internet fan community for Philip Barantini. This underrated actor deserves a dedicated and lively fan base, and we endeavor to provide this as much as it is in our power to do so. The current status of his existing fan sites, as we have found them, is grossly outdated and incomplete. We have, therefore, created this new LiveJournal community and are in the planning stages for a new Philip Barantini fan site (with a potential launch in Spring 2007). We hope that our enthusiasm for Mr. Barantini will encourage his previous fans out of hiding and introduce a new group to his charm and talents. Additionally, we hope that this collective will inspire Mr. Barantini himself, to assure him of our avid enjoyment of his existing body of work as well as our ardent hope that he continues and prospers in the movie industry.

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