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ZOMG, actual news of Barantini!!

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Nov. 28th, 2006 | 02:04 pm
posted by: catcar in barantini

I randomly decided to look at Barantini's imdb page and found an added listing. Upon investigation, this appears to be a NEW episode not yet aired for the BBC show "Doctors" - he plays a character called Danny Leighton in 8.149, and last week the BBC aired 8.93. It looks like a daily soap opera, and if they don't skip any holidays, I calculate Philip's episode to air Friday February 9, 2007. This makes me wonder how far in advance the episodes are filmed, and whether or not Philip will have a recurring character or, dare we hope, be a regular addition to the cast. *crosses fingers*

Nautia and I are so excited about this prospect, since Barantini hasn't been seen since "County Clare" in 2003, excepting his role as an extra in 2005's "Americano" (caps for both of which you can see at groupofguys). I will, of course, keep checking between now and February, and I'll make any updates as they present themselves.

If anyone in the UK, or with access to the BBC, could tape this episode for Nautia and me (we live in Massachusetts and Colorado, respectively) we would be eternally grateful. Apparently, "Doctors" airs weekdays at 2:05p.

ETA Jan 4, 2007: I've recalculated and as of Dec 22 they were on episode 8.112, which would make Philip's episode air on T Feb 13. I haven't seen anything about additional episodes he might be in yet.

Also, this program is on BBC-1.
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